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Santa Lucky Sugar Bag Template With Greeting Card-With Instructions and PDF

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🎉❤️Sewing A Santa Lucky Sugar Bag For The Special People In Your Life!

Cute Santa Lucky Sugar Bag to spend quality time with your family or friends.Perfect for a party or any special occasion.

🍬These Santa Lucky Sugar Bags are a perfect way to present gifts at Christmas, place them under the Christmas tree, use as a stocking at the end of the bed or use them as a gift bag for loved ones.

🍬Easy sewing yourself cotton-on-cotton Santa Lucky Sugar Bag for Christmas. Zero waste, no more wasting all that paper. Let’s save a tree for Christmas!

Of course, the sugar bag can be displayed any time of the year and make pretty gifts. Choose fabric appropriate to the occasion.

Materials: Acrylic.
Thickness: 3mm.
Finish Product Size: 6"X 6"
Each Template Comes with One Greeting Card.